Lately, I try to put myself more seriously into watercolor.
I was used to paint digitally, my artist name is Aleeth.

According to me digital painting/drawing is more easier than traditionnal, because when you make a mistake you can “Ctrl+Z” and restart without mess up the drawing/ painting. I must admit that I miss the flip horizontally tool on Paint tool SAI (my drawing software), that make easier to see mistakes. I don’t own a graphic tablet anymore. Later, I will buy one, but for now I want to improve my style with traditionnal medias.



It’s about 2 years ( or 3 ?), I choose watercolor because it wasn”t expensive. I wanted to understand a traditionnal besides digital painting. I have tried, I have failed, I have given up and grabbed my graphic tablet again, so now, 2 years later, i’m still a beginner at watercoloring.




Today, I made a fanart of Kiri (or killy) from “BLAME!”. I love this dude, that’s my kind of character. Recently, I saw the movie released by Netflix, it wasn’t bad but books are the best ! This is the real Kiri :

I put two pictures, one is photographed and the other one is scanned. To me, the photographed one is more close to the real watercolor painting but due to the bad lighting of my appartment, so I feel the need to scan it.

So, here my version of Kiri, I messed up hair, right eye and honestly, his clothes are not dark enough, I don’t know why, I’m kinda afraid to use black in watercolor… lol. With time, I will learn to use it and I will try to add more details.
Below, some of my digital paintings :

I have to say that I was a bit scared to post my drawings here, because I noticed that I make more errors on traditional, but finally I will post them. Drawing is a big part of me. Since I’m not on social medias anymore, I have desactivated my Deviantart, I wanted a place to keep my “art”.






6 thoughts on “Watercolor

  1. A LOT of people will look at this and wish they were this good straight off of the bat!!! This is incredible! Only bad thing is the clothes but practice makes perfect, you’ve made his outfit look 3D! Good job! Keep at it!

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  2. Your work is really beautiful! You are very good, I think you should post more of it. I have always wanted to learn about digital art but I really don’t know where to start and out of fear I have kept to traditional methods! You should also post them on Instagram if you are not already doing it, I think it is a great place for Artists and to get motivated. Really nice!

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    • I try to find more time to pratice watercolor.
      I learned digital painting thanks to Youtube videos. You can learn just by watching videos, at least my brain works like this. Currently, I’m doing the same thing with watercolor, I watch video, I look how they work, how they use water, paper, colors… but it’s harder than digital.
      You should definitely try digital painting. First to start, you just need a graphic tablet and a software. It depends on the kind of stuff you like to draw but for example, the first thing I learned is to understand and feel comfortable with my graphic tablet, to achieve that I praticed lines, I tried to line my sketchs cleanly.
      This month I’m going to desactivate my instagram account. I don’t feel the need to be on social medias anymore. I just keep my blogging spaces which are WordPress and Tumblr, there is a lot of inspirations on Tumblr too.
      Thank you for your thought, it was really enjoyable to read you.
      Ps: I hope my english wasn’t too bad to read.


  3. These are amazing paintings I wish I knew how to do this but it’s great to see that you are skilled at drawing and photography. Keep getting better I would love to see your future paintings.

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    • There is no age to start drawing, it’s so relaxing. Ahah I’m not really skilled at photography, I always try to apply my basic knowlegde but there is a lot of fails.
      Thanks for your kind words.

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